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September 25, 2017
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October 26, 2017

How to solve problems in your relationship without causing drama

Now “ENERGY SELF-DEFENSE FOR LOVE COUPLES” is available for sale on Amazon.

In a few days it will also be available in all other Internet bookstores.

In this book you, you will find easy-to-practice and powerful mental and spiritual Energy Self-Defense tools. These tools will help you to solve problems in your relationship without causing drama, and without consulting a relationship coach.

Love is worth fighting for, but it’s not supposed to be a fight itself. Therefore, you should learn how to defend, protect and balance your own energy even when you are together with your one and only love partner.

Try the 5-Step Energy Self-Defense Plan for Love Couples described in the book and be surprised to find out how easy problems disappear when you approach them in an alternative and new way.

Buy the book at

Buy the book at

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