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Energy Self-Defense is the use of powerful mental and spiritual tools and exercises that work.

When you lose personal energy, you feel drained, tired, less happy, and worst of all, you do not have access to your full capacity and you will therefore not get the success in life that you are meant to have.

Learn these energy tools and stop losing energy in daily life, so you can stay in balance with your partner, children, family, friends, colleagues, boss and everybody else around you while achieving the success in life that you deserve.


Energy Self-Defense for Women
Energy Self-Defense for Men
Energy Self-Defense for Young Adults
No 4_Energy Self-Defense for Love Couples
Energy Self-Defense for Sick People and Their Relatives

The Little Energy Guide 1
The Art of Energy Self-Defense in Japanese
Energy Self-Defense for Woman in Japanese

Isiklik Energiakaitse Naistele
Isiklik energiakaitse meestele
Isiklik energikaitse noortele

Online Courses & Workshops

Here you will find an overview of the online courses and workshops we offer or will be offering as they become available.

We offer online courses that you can study anywhere and at anytime you like. We also offer workshops around the world.

If you have read some of our Energy Self-Defense guides but still want some visual and auditive explanations on how to become an Energy Self-Defense user, then these courses and workshops are for you.



About Us

Anni & Carsten Sennov

We are the Founders of the Energy Self-Defense concept.

We are involved in international publishing, training and consulting activities both directly and through associated partners. The topics range from classic business to spirituality with the main focus on personal development and transformation.

Anni is a clairvoyant advisor, international lecturer and spiritual author of more than 30 books on personal transformation and spirituality with Carsten being the co-author of a number of them.

Carsten is the CEO and managing partner of SennovPartners, where he periodically works as a coach and advisor for leaders in smaller and larger companies.

We have published books in 10 languages, including Japanese, and have started to sell rights around the world. Our French and English books are available on Amazon, etc.


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