Energy Self-Defense for Love Couples – No. 4 (IS RELEASED 28 SEPTEMBER 2017)
March 11, 2017
Energy Self-Defense for Men – No. 2 (RELEASED 24 APRIL 2017)
March 10, 2017

Energy Self-Defense for Young Adults – No. 3 (RELEASED 24 APRIL 2017)

Many parents have asked us whether it’s possible to teach young people to keep their energy in order. And the answer to the question is YES, of course you can learn how to master your own energy! That is why we have written this Energy Self-Defense guide. Its goal is to teach you how to stand on your own feet and stand strong in your own energy, both when you are with others and when you are on your own.

Every day you meet and interact with a lot of different people, which exposes you to many different energies. This happens at school, in your extracurricular activities, and when spending time with your friends, whether in person, or through the internet.

Whether you are a teenager, or you are about to reach adult life – this book is for you.

This Energy Self-Defense guide will provide you knowledge and guidance to learn more about yourself and others in order to master your own energy and live in balance in our complex world.

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  • Amazon Customer - Oct. 2016 - 5 Stars
    Thumbs up for this one :) I gave "Energy Self-Defense for Young Adults" aka "Get Your Power Back Now!" to my children to read, they liked it a lot. And I like this book a lot too. Easy to read and understand, easy to use.
    Amazon Customer - Oct. 2016 - 5 Stars
  • "Energy Self-Defense for Young Adults" - Great energy exercises suitable for both children and adults! A real good investment for those who want to take care of their energy!
    Jan Dluzewski, Sweden - Oct. 2016 - 5 Stars on Amazon
  • "Energy Self-Defense for Young Adults" is a book that all parents and children should read, because it would help them so much in their life.... I warmly recommend the book..
    Tone, Norway - Oct. 2016 - 5 Stars on Goodreads
  • Amazon Customer - Nov. 2016 - 5 Stars
    Great read for All Ages. Even though the title mentions that it is meant for Young Adults, as an adult I have found this book ("Energy Self-Defense for Young Adults") very helpful (and have been VERY tempted to hand a copy to temperamental co-workers as well!). The book is lightweight and fits well in my purse or backpack to take with me so that if I want to scan through it for a reminder, it is there for me. It offers great advice and quick tips for how to make the most out of your day and life by simply taking care of your energies. I can't think of anyone who would not benefit from reading this book!
    Amazon Customer - Nov. 2016 - 5 Stars
  • "Energy Self-Defense for Young Adults" is comfy reading, brief instruction set for anyone who would like to learn how to be self-contained and maintain our own life force when interacting with different types of people.
    Aki, Finland - Jan. 2017 - 5 Stars on Amazon
  • Amazon Customer - Feb. 2017 - 5 Stars
    As a parent I can really recommend this book! ("Energy Self-Defense for Young Adults" aka "Get Your Power Back Now!) To all people, regardless of age!
    Amazon Customer - Feb. 2017 - 5 Stars
  • Rick H, USA - May 2017 - 5 Stars on Amazon
    Energy Self Defense - A Great Tool for Changing Your Lifes Circumstance. Energy Self Defense is a perfect launching point for men who allow the circumstances of life and interpersonal relationships to drain the energy out of them. If you are new to understanding how we exist... it is because of energy. Energy is responsible for all you attract in life and your lifes circumstance... Good or Bad. Understanding how different energy affects us is key to living a happy and fulfilled life. The tools provided by Carsten and Anni Sennov are simple and easy to apply to life circumstances.
    Rick H, USA - May 2017 - 5 Stars on Amazon
  • “Energy Self-Defense for Love Couples" is a really great book! I like how balanced and honest it is, and very very practical. It is refreshingly packed with things to learn, be aware of, and keep in mind, and also the information comes from a really grounded place. Altogether very thought provoking. It was an absolute pleasure to read it. Loved it!
    Aislinn Gagliardi, Chicago, IL, USA


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