Online Cources & Workshops

Take care of your personal energy and gain success in everyday life

Online Course

In this online course, you will learn and practise many Energy Self-defense tools, so you can:

• Take good care of yourself and keep your energy field in order
• Learn how to convert resistance from others to benefit yourself
• Learn how to handle an energy thief
• Learn what to do when you encounter unpleasant and annoying people
• Learn how to attract positive people and situations
• Learn how to dissolve your problems
• Learn how to notice when the energy around you decreases and increases
• Learn how to lift the energy around you
• Learn the different ways of exchanging energy
• Learn what happens when you think about other people too much?
• Learn how to help your friends energy-wise
• Find out if you give too much of yourself to others and what you can do about it
• Find out if you are easily influenced by others and what you can do about it
• Learn to be yourself as you are inside
• Learn what to do if you have too little or too much energy
• Learn how you always should clean up energy-wise after yourself when you leave a place or room
• Be more in balance and have more energy, which you can use to achieve the things in life you really want
• Help your family, friends and children, so they too can get more in balance

Take care of your personal energy


If you gather a minimum of 100 people for a workshop on this very exciting topic, we will be glad to come and run a Workshop in your place.

In addition to the topics covered in the online course mentioned above, we will guide you through a lot of Energy Self-Defense exercises during the day that will help you to be much more in balance and have more energy, so you can better succeed in your life.

Mrs S who participated in our very first Energy Self-Defense Workshop in Tokyo, Japan says:
"It was really good. You taught us in details about the defense of energies. Nobody has ever told us about the invisible energy world in this way before. I'm full of gratitude."